Can ChatGPT pass the AWS Certified Solution Architect exam?

Bao Nguyen
2 min readDec 22, 2022

ChatGPT is one of the hot topics today, and everyone is talking about it. ChatGPT can do a lot of things: answering questions, language translation, and even code generation. It even passed a Google-level coding interview.

So, I’m in the process to re-certify my AWS Solution Architect exam and I am curious to see how ChatGPT performs. Since I don’t have real questions from the exam, I used the sample questions from the official website and pasted them to ChatGPT with some prompts about the context of the exam.

The result is actually surprising. ChatGPT seems to know very well about the exam domain. Below is a screenshot of ChatGPT’s answer to question 3 from the sample. Not only it provides the correct answer, but it also provides explanations why other choices are not the right ones.

ChatGPT’s answer with detail explanations

ChatGPT even knows how to deal with the multi-choice question. Below is the answer to question 8.

Dealing with multi-choices question

It gets the wrong answer for questions 5 and 6. For question 6, It suggests using Spot Instance for a workload that takes more than 7 hours, but if you re-generate the answer it switched back to the right answer (which is to use additional on-demand instances).

Inconsistent answer for question 6

For other questions, it seems to get consistent correct answers at the time that I play with it. The final score is 8/10 “consistent” correct answers from the sample bank. With the limited testing so far, I think it can pass the exam.

Now, I feel worried about my job security!

Bao Nguyen